Soumya Raj is a product and visual designer based out of Bengaluru, India. She has spent a chunk of her design journey working closely with early stage start-ups in the Indian fintech space. She is a keen admirer and tinkerer of type and coded experiments. Her work is nostalgic, fun and emotive and she loves to infuse playfulness of various degrees in her craft. She loves to harness the power of GenAI in her work in various capacities.

She's available for UX/UI design, illustrations, visual identity, brand strategy, packaging design, augmented reality installations, print design, art direction.

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Here's what she's currently reading.

Theory of Type Design

The Creative Act Cover

The Politics of Design

Principles of UX Cover

If Nietzsche Were A Narwhal

App Icon Book Cover

Designing Graphic Props

Jony Ive Cover

Designing Type

Kinfolk Entrepreneur Cover

Grafis Nusantara Vol 1

Grid Systems Cover

Summary of her design journey

Senior Product Designer

Currently at Scapia Cards

Combining her love for fintech and travel here!

Product Designer

Product Designer, Jar App

Designing retention products to solve for India's financial fitness at scale

Product Designer

Cashbook App (YC W21)

Worked on several core and growth features for India's SMEs + SMBs

Visual Designer

Independent Practice

Brand identity snippet

Provided visual design services to several businesses like Nope toothpaste tabs, Blur the Border, House of Anita Dongre, etc.


Landor, Hong Kong Team

Worked with Landor, Hong Kong, as a creative designer, after being selected amongst thousands of designers globally for their New Design Academy

Art Direction + Visual Designer

TBWA India

Worked at TBWA India/Design Labs under an award winning Creative Director to hone the art of art direction

Illustrations done for TBWA

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