Brand Design

🔒 Urban Voices

Brand strategy + visual identity + t-shirt design for Urban Voices merch and podcast platform using Gen AI and custom type design

🔒 Nope Toothpaste Tabs

Brand identity + packaging design for India's first waterless, zero-waste, plastic free toothpaste tabs

🔒 Blur the Border

Visual identity and brand strategy for Blur the Border, a content + community product based out of Mumbai


Type Design

🔒 Squiggly Typeface

Working on a sinewy, curvy, display font. WIP.

General Typeface Practice

General ad-hoc practice and revival of found painted type and combination concepts

🔒 Pillar Typeface

One of the first typefaces I started working on, a heavy on the serif display font. WIP


Coding + AR Experiments

🔒 Welcome 2022

Self-initiated augmented reality installation to welcome the new year 2022.

🔒 Embodied Interactions

Explorations with P5.js, Sketch.js, Matter.js and Mediapipe in tracking various body parts + attaching augmented reality objects

🔒 Cursor Experiments

Explorations of cursor functions in the initial days of learning P5.js