Stickers for Jar's Design Team


An independent, non-product design task to create product design team merch at Jar


October, 2023

This project was a non-product (OKR) task which was a fun way to come together and define a visual language for Jar outside of its design work. Part of design team merchandise were stickers, posters, t-shirts and tote-bags.

While these stickers followed our design system, I was instructed to exercise full liberty by our Head of Design, Vikas Johiya, who quite simply said, "Have fun with it," and I did. Nitesh Chandora, Lead Product Designer (Retention + central visual design team) suggested I utilise typography well. We also brainstormed a bit on the copies. Some copies were a suggestion from our team members, like "Theek Hai," which is a signature of our star Motion Designer, Sushant Deshmukh.

The combined results were these spunky, shiny stickers. The design team tried to heavily gate-keep our merch but these were enjoyed by our colleagues across teams!

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